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Considering Laser Hair Removal Treatment? 3 Things You Need To Know First

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Unwanted hair can be a time consuming nuisance. Many people have grown tired of shaving or waxing, and it’s easy to see why. The effects of shaving unwanted body hair only last for a few days at best, and you run the risk of cuts, in-grown hairs, and razor rash. Waxing lasts longer, but is still painful, and can be pricey when you consider how often it needs to be done. No wonder many people are turning to laser treatment as a permanent solution. However, there are a few things that you should know before you make your first appointment. You’ll Need Several Sessions Did you know that not all of the hair on any given part of your body grows at the same time? It’s true – hair growth goes in cycles, and different hair follicles can be in different cycles, even if the two follicles are right next to each other. Laser treatments will only affect hairs that are in an active growing cycle at the time of the treatment. That means that you’ll need to return several times over a period of time, in order to catch different hairs as they enter an active growing cycle. If you’ve been counting on laser treatment as a one-time permanent fix to your unwanted hair issues, this is important information. Laser treatment can be expensive, so make sure you’ve budgeted for a number of sessions. The good news is that, while the treatment isn’t exactly one-time only, it is mostly permanent – usually when you’ve managed to laser all of the follicles during their active growing cycles, the hair growth does stop completely. Some people may see a few rogue hairs, as there are occasionally hair follicles that are not damaged enough to stop producing hair entirely. If you notice these hairs, you can either return for follow-up laser treatments, or just shave them when they appear. Let Your Tan Fade It’s perfectly understandable to want to get hair removed before or during the summer season, when you’re most likely to be showing skin and you want it to look smooth. It’s a good idea to go for the laser treatment before you start hitting the beach, or at least take some time to let your tan fade before getting started. Laser hear treatment depends on intense light being aimed at your hair follicles. If your skin is already tanned, aiming that intense beam of light at your skin could result in painful burns. It’s possible to decrease the intensity of the laser, but when you do that, your treatment won’t be as effective. Most reputable doctors and salons that offer laser treatment won’t allow you to get a laser hair removal treatment with a tan, nor will they lower the intensity of the laser. They want you to be happy with your treatment and you will not be happy if you’re taking care of burns, or if the hair treated by the laser never falls out. Professional Treatments Beat Home Treatments Believe it or not, there are home laser hair removal treatments now. The idea behind making at-home laser hair removal treatments available is a good one. It could serve to make treatments available for those who can’t afford professionally administered treatments. However, if you can afford the...

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Preventing Hair Loss After Duodenal Switch Surgery

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If you are considered extremely overweight or obese, then you likely have issues with high blood pressure, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol.  Mobility problems are likely as well, and you may need to seek out drastic forms of treatment to improve your appearance and your health.  A duodenal switch operation is one such treatment that involves the surgical removal of a portion of the stomach and the rerouting of the small intestine.  You will experience quick and significant weight loss after the surgery is performed, but you may suffer from a side effect that can cause significant self esteem issues much like obesity can.  This side effect is hair loss.  Hair loss after duodenal switch surgery may be caused by hormone fluctuations.  Some medical professionals believe that good nutrition can help to minimize hair loss and help hair grow back after hormones begin to stabilize.  Some good nutrition suggestions are outlined in this article. Increase Protein Intake Protein is one of the most important nutrients to consume if you want to make sure that your hair stays healthy and strong after duodenal switch surgery.  Not only do you need protein to help with the formation of the nails and hair, but your body will need the nutrient to help your tissues heal after your surgery.  You will only be able to eat small meals, because 70% of your stomach will be removed.  This may mean that the protein you consume will be used for important healing tasks and for general cell reproduction and muscle building.  Increase your intake of protein to make sure some of the protein goes towards the growth of healthy hair. To make sure you are consuming more than enough of the nutrient, eat foods that are the highest in protein content.  Eat a small amount of one of these foods during each meal.  A few good suggestions include tuna, salmon, cottage cheese, and beef.  If you are having difficulties with a full stomach or if you have digestion problems like gastric reflux soon after your surgery, then make sure you are consuming high protein foods that are easy to digest.  Eggs, nuts, seeds, white beans, tempeh, tofu, and quinoa are all good choices. Eat Foods High in Iron You should watch your iron intake carefully as well if you do not want to deal with hair loss after duodenal switch surgery.  Iron deficiency is quite common after weight loss surgery, because iron is absorbed by the upper part of the small intestine.  Some of your small intestine is either rerouted or trimmed back when a duodenal switch is performed.  This means that iron does not have a chance to absorb as quickly into the body and a good portion of the iron you consume is excreted.   Iron is important for the production of hair follicles.  If you feel tired and weak, and if you have a headache and pale skin after your surgery, then you may be anemic.  Hair loss is also a sign of anemia. You can eat foods that are high in iron to keep your hair healthy.  Beef, turkey, and ham are high in iron, and so are spinach, lima beans, and lentils.   If you do not feel as though your body is absorbing enough iron from the foods you eat, then think about taking a supplement.  Liquid supplements...

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