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Considering Laser Hair Removal Treatment? 3 Things You Need To Know First

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Unwanted hair can be a time consuming nuisance. Many people have grown tired of shaving or waxing, and it’s easy to see why. The effects of shaving unwanted body hair only last for a few days at best, and you run the risk of cuts, in-grown hairs, and razor rash. Waxing lasts longer, but is still painful, and can be pricey when you consider how often it needs to be done. No wonder many people are turning to laser treatment as a permanent solution. However, there are a few things that you should know before you make your first...

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Preventing Hair Loss After Duodenal Switch Surgery

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If you are considered extremely overweight or obese, then you likely have issues with high blood pressure, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol.  Mobility problems are likely as well, and you may need to seek out drastic forms of treatment to improve your appearance and your health.  A duodenal switch operation is one such treatment that involves the surgical removal of a portion of the stomach and the rerouting of the small intestine.  You will experience quick and significant weight loss after the surgery is performed, but you...

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